Be God's-- Claim Your Identity!

image During Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness He so aligned His Spirit with God's Presence that there was no doubt at all that our Savior and Lord was able to not only show us more of God, but that He was ready to go to the Cross. On that Cross He would take our sins and die for our sins so that we who love Jesus, and follow His Way, would receive God's mercy.

Jesus' wilderness experience did not dry Him up. Rather, it filled His Spirit so completely with God-- so that His unwavering soul brought Him one unique identity as your Savior. He can be nothing other than your Savior because that is the Identity God has for Him.

In Visual Worship today you are called by Christ to come to your identity. God has this for you when you 'Be God's.' Claim your identity with a better understanding of what God has for you to receive. Examples of Rich Mullins and the Puritans will help you in your understanding as you become more Christ like in your living, giving, and serving. Many blessings as you participate in Visual Worship by clicking here. go to Visual Worship for NEW, Be God's .

New Video -- Fire, video title

Fire, Fire

Moses, Nicodemus, and Jesus

We all are looking for our purpose in life, are we not? There are self-help books that may offer one little portions of help as one tries to find a true purpose in life, and yet there is a way to find real purpose and it is readily available. First, see that it is found in God's impression upon Moses' life and it is definitely found also during a conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus.

Because your life has value and a purpose, Christ sees your life as a true treasure. Meaning for your life is given by God alone and this is motivating and exciting! Look at the video today titled 'Fire', and watch it a few times so that you understand clearly what God is speaking within your spirit through Christ.

May our Lord's blessing be within your heart as you listen to Christ speak to you in a fiery manner. NEW video titled 'Fire' is located above.

Your Most Powerful Asset
Jesus' teaching

You have something more powerful than an earthquake, tornado, tidal wave, or an active volcano. It is something that you can use at any time and is the most powerful thing on this earth. It is Powerful Prayer. Prayer is an immense force greater than the atom within atomic energy in the vastness of the cosmos. This kind of prayer lies dormant within the Christian's soul until it is put into appropriate action.

This power has been lifted up in one great Scripture: All things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive. Matthew 21:22. Believing is the key to this passage for it is much easier to doubt than to believe. Believing takes focused concentration while you brush away any doubt that may arise. Believing is steadfast, unmovable, and a surety. When you truly believe than impossibilities dissolve.

I believe in Powerful Prayer because I have seen how successful and right it is. When I have hoped it has been without success. Yet, when I have prayed using Power Prayer I have seen the Lord's actions in awesome and marvelous ways. I have seen others and myself move into direct alignment with Christ's guidance, direction, and will. Powerful Prayer is taught to us by Jesus and He want us to focus our highest effort on Belief.

When you use panicky prayer-- saying help, help, help-- you are not turning things over to the Lord believing. The Lord simply asks that you humble yourself and give Him your problems or that situation with which you are struggling. Stop struggling, relax in humility, and give them to Him. Some would look at humble prayer as spineless, but it is anything other than that. To humble yourself is to yield your spirit to His Power and His control of all that is about you. Humble yourself and then believe. Next receive. Receive what He gives either to you or to those whom you are offering your Powerful Prayer.

Humble surrender, then deep seated belief will improve your prayers as you see them through to completion. Patience while believing will bless you to see Christ's awesome Presence before moving, changing things, and taking care with the kind of best care He gives.

Song: I Must Tell Jesus

--sung by John P. Kee

Song: Somebody's Praying

--sung by Ricky Skaggs

Alpha Church is an online church with visual worship. After worship take holy communion where Christ is the host; bring with you a small amount of something to eat and a little to drink and Christ will sanctify these. Be sure and watch the short videos that are offered at Alpha Church which are Bible based. Be encouraged through your prayers to move in closer to Jesus through online church learning, prayer, and holy communion with Jesus. If you are on a mobile phone then click on the mobile link to the left, which is on the menu.

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