Christ gives you an Inheritance through His Resurrection
Power given to you as a believer.

image After someone dies there is a reading of the Will which distributes the earthly possessions of the benefactor. Yet, after Christ died and was Resurrected you gained an Inheritance that is greater than anything you could ever receive within your lifetime. As a believer in Jesus Christ you have an Ineritance of Power that is awesome! Come to Worship today and find out more about this Inheritance. go to Worship now

Also, check out our Kid's Worship! Short messages with images and stories about Jesus. here

Your Easter video

Christ After Easter Day

Post Resurrection Appearances

1. The Garden Tomb - Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene outside the tomb (Mk 16:9; Jn 20:11)
2. The Garden Tomb - To Mary Magdalene and the other Mary (the mother of James the Younger and Joses - Mk 16:1) as they hurry from the tomb (Mt 28:8)
3. The Garden Tomb - To Peter (Lk 24:34; "Cephas" in 1Co 15:5)
4. The Road to Emmaus - To two disciples on the Emmaus road later in the day (Mk 16:12; Lk 24:13)
5. The Upper Room - To the apostles and believers in a house in Jerusalem (Luke 24:36; Jn 20:19). The Upper Room where the Last Supper was held; Thomas was absent according to John 20:24.

Have You Been Baptized?
Baptism is a one time event for every believer

image We are available for your Baptism should you not have been already Baptized- you only need to be Baptized once in your life and that has monumental event has an impact for the rest of your life. Let us know of your interest to receive Baptism.

A Song To Sing!

singing Praise

This is a song we love and Rev. Walker's brother-in-law, Brian Allen, is a featured singer. Enjoy!

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