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Jesus meets you here daily.

image Glad you're here !! We want you to make yourself at home here so take your time visiting the choices that we offer by clicking on the links to the left and hover your mouse over the scroller to the right after you consider this:

Home is with Jesus.
Jesus is with you here.
Trust Jesus with your whole heart and mind.
I'm grateful that He has brought you here to Him.

While you are at Church here you'll need a guide. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide. To enable the Spirit, let your heart and mind settle down into the Presence of Jesus. His Presence within you is Peace that settles you down. I invite you to be led by the Holy Spirit to move closer to Jesus through what you experience at home at Alpha Church.

May our Lord Jesus bless you to invite others home with Him and may your living witness for Him be awesome!

Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34
The two toddlers
and Jesus

Nancy's toddler was a hitter. He'd go to play-school for a couple of hours in the morning then come home to receive lunch and a nap. When Nancy would pick him up at play-school the caretakers would tell her that they had had to put him into time-out twice because he hit another toddler. They suggested that the mothers get the two toddlers together for an afternoon of play at one of the parent's homes. An ingenious suggestion. When the kids got together the hit happened. One cried. Then both cried. The hitter finally understood hurt.

It's a dawn of understanding that comes to all of us, especially on a day like today. We are in the midst of Lent, the 40 days before Easter not including Sundays. We've crossed thru Ash Wednesday where we remind ourselves that our lives will not last forever. We revisit and recognize that each day of Lent reminds us. Christ experienced dying, like us, but His was on a cruel cross-- a place of humiliation as well as death. It is a pain-filled ending. He had given so much-- healing, teaching, loving, and raising from the dead. Yet, there He was, fully hurting on the cross.

Our lives cannot be lived without pain and sorrow. Jesus knows our hurt, pain, and sorrow because He has also felt these. It is from the cross Christ tells us how to deal with hurt. We are to find the way to forgive. Through forgiveness there is healing, wholeness and hope. When we extend forgiveness our faith widens. Faith, found in the wideness of Christ's arms stretched out on the cross.

Have You Been Baptized?
Baptism is a one time event for every believer

image We are available for your Baptism should you not have been already Baptized- you only need to be Baptized once in your life and that has monumental event has an impact for the rest of your life. Complete the application for membership at Alpha Church and indicate on that form that you have not yet been Baptized.
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