Your Anger and what Jesus Says About It
The beatitudes in the New Testament

image During His message to the believers and to the Disciples, The Sermon On The Mount, Jesus has varied subjects and one of these is Anger. Today we look closely at Anger. Since all believers have some anger at times, we need to be very mindful of Jesus' instructions to us and gain a full understanding of His words not only within the context with which He spoke these instructions, but also for ourselves as we go about our daily living.

Wanting to be more Christ-like and actually being more Christ-like are two different things. For the believer who humbles his or her self during the Anger event all things change, and the result of being suddenly Angry takes on a practice of Christianity that is newly spiritual.

We invite you to participate in the Beatitudes as we go to Part 2 today and it is helpful that you know the contents of Jesus' words you find in Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew. We are people of the Bible. As we increase our knowledge and practice of the Scriptures then we grow in Discipleship and the activities in the Kingdom of Heaven will become joy filled!

To go to our visually active Worship just click here now. Also, scroll down to find a short video that will bless you as you serve Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will lead you to witness for Christ because you have been here to Church and we pray that your excitement to tell others about your experiences here comes out of your love for others.

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Beneficial Help

“Dear foolish of me to have called for human help when You are here.” ― Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place

One promise that Jesus has already made to you is that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He gives you His Presence through the Holy Spirit. After saying, "Come, Holy Spirit," The Spirit is within your heart and mind as constant companion.

Perhaps today there is something weighing on your heart/mind that you are powerless to change. The Holy Spirit stands in readiness to magnify your prayers to Christ. The Spirit also aligns your heart with the heart of Christ so that you may have Peace about the way ahead.

Peace comes from Christ's loving will for your life and for the lives of those for whom you pray, hope, and help.

Have You Been Baptized?
Baptism is a one time event for every believer

image We are available for your Baptism should you not have been already Baptized- you only need to be Baptized once in your life and that has monumental event has an impact for the rest of your life. Let us know of your interest to receive Baptism.

A Song To Sing!

singing Praise

This is a song we love and Rev. Walker's brother-in-law, Brian Allen, is a featured singer. Enjoy!

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