Blame God?

image Through the generations people have been saying, or thinking, that life is not fair, specially when times are bad. This seems to be a major complaint. When talking with God about your life you may ask why something is happening to you that is very unfair.

When you talk to God in this manner are you blaming God? When we say that life is not fair we may be looking in the wrong place for an answer to our most vocal 'Why's'? Today, John the Baptizer offers you a way to look at life in a better way.

In our Visual Message today we look at John the Baptizer for his answer to the question as to why life isn't fair. Come to Worship today and hear if John's answer doesn't give you a new way to look at things! Click here to go to Visual Worship here. by clicking the link here.

New Video -- Contagious? from 1 Thessalonians

The Healing Power of Christ.

And all in the crowd were trying to touch Him, for power came out from Him and healed all of them. Luke 6:19

One of the places that I hope to search out one day is the place where Jesus sat and gave us the Beatitudes and more, yet no one is sure exactly sure where His spot is specifically located. We know only that it is where a great concourse of people where healed. All were healed.

Jesus had taught them about the healing compassion of God and then He showed to them the healing power of the Spirit of God. They came from Nazareth, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Megiddo, Tiberias, Tyre, Sidon and from other locals on the Mediterranean, and also from Bethlehem. All of them came and were healed. All of them.

Something happened because these people sought to touch Him and to receive what He had for them. You can have that too, without a doubt. More doctors today, more than ever before, are praying before, during, and after surgery. Doctors are humbling themselves due to the scientific knowledge that medicine can only do so much. Our Savior takes what they do and He does the rest; the complete healing.

Jesus is still healing today. Touching Jesus today is a matter of your heart combining with His heart. Your heart filled with faith makes all the difference-- faith is the opposite of fear, faith is hope unleashed, and faith is found in trusting Christ our Risen Savior. Jesus tells us that a little bit of faith, like a mustard seed, will grow into a great tree of faith. How? By yeilding yourself in total to the Risen Christ.

I have been witness to moments in time where Christ healed miraculously and I have prayed with people who have been aided by doctors in the healing process and who humbled themselves to Christ's healing touch. They used the faith they had and focused all of their might on His love, His compassion, and His mercy-- and kept their faith their, expecting and knowing that His healing was coming.

Christ does come with compassionate healing every day. He touches us with healing for the small things of life and for the really big hardships too. He is healing. Your Savior's middle name is 'Healing.' When you know Christ as the healer then you can do nothing less than thank and praise Him with your life in all circumstances. Our Lord blesses you as you do.

Get Some Strength
go to Christ

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Allow Christ to strengthen you through prayer. Open your Bible/Mobile search app, to Luke and read in chapter 11, verses 1-8. Form your prayer like Jesus teaches you and then talk to Jesus as you would normally talk, open and honest, from your heart. Then wait in silence and listen with your heart and mind for Jesus to impress upon your heart the fullness of His love for you. If you'd like, we'll continue to pray with you so click on the contact button on this page and email us. We care.

Through My Father's Eyes

song by Holly Starr

Take a look through the Heavenly Father's eyes

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