How To Make Decisions Led By The Spirit
big or small decisions

image As Christ's believer, Holy Spirit will help you in your decision making. Today at Alpha Church we are looking at Paul at the town on Troas. Apostle Paul is an expert decision maker and we notice that within his choices on where to travel to and who to travel with he gives us an understanding as to how we can make good decisions led by the Spirit.

When you are led by the Holy Spirit you are guided in our Lord's direction for His good purpose. While not all decisions are large decisions in our life, you will find today that the Spirit will help you even in the smallest of decisions that you need to make. You can build confidence in decision making. You may stand firm and not look back on the decisions which you have made when you are led in the Spirit.

Our Lord will guide and direct you through the Spirit. As a believe who is led by the Spirit you will be able to move forward with faith because our Lord has blessed and anointed your decisions. As we Worship together, look at how it is to be led and fed by the Spirit.


Turn to Christ when you are uneasy.

The Lambs Story

A lamb sees her Mother with Someone Special/em>

Lambs love Jesus

Jesus loves you!

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Babbi Mason on YouTube

Rise up with faith in Christ.

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