Discipline, Diligence, and Self-Control
your Spiritual life

image Lately, have you identified those things that interfere with your spiritual life in Christ? What are they? Are they old habits or are they distractions which crowd our your interest in reading Scripture, spending time in prayer, and the humbling time spent in Worship?

Being disciplined. Striving to achieve your spiritual best. Having self-control in all things. These move us toward the imperishable reward that Apostle Paul refers to in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25.

Perishability is money, accomplishments, and possessions. These fade with time. Yet, we as Christians have an imperishable goal-- this goal includes righteousness, joy, and abundant life in Jesus Christ. These things are eternal when you have Jesus Christ in your life. Begin or continue your training program of discipline through self-control with your focus on Jesus Christ.


How To know Jesus.

Jesus Loves Me, our family song

by ListenerKids on youtube

A favorite song, 'Jesus Loves Me' teaches children they are always loves by Jesus.

Jesus' love is always.

Run To Jesus (when feel like running away from a problem)

Michael Wayne Smith, youtube

Christ loves you and waits for you.

Alpha Church is an online church with visual worship. After worship take holy communion where Christ is the host; bring with you a small amount of something to eat and a little to drink and Christ will sanctify these. Be sure and watch the short videos that are offered at Alpha Church which are Bible based. Be encouraged through your prayers to move in closer to Jesus through online church learning, prayer, and holy communion with Jesus. If you are on a mobile phone then click on the mobile link to the left, which is on the menu.

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